Last night I did a stupid thing.

Sitting in an easy chair that I often blog in, I can get very comfy but must keep my keyboard sorta balanced on a knee and the chair’s side arms. For a moment I lost focus and the keyboard went sailing to the ground, smashing my USB wifi as it fell.


I really liked that USB wifi adapter. It was a gift from a nice guy on Kijiji who was giving away free stuff just to clear out his place. And it worked great. But sadly, when I went to plug it in after the collision, no dice. Dead dead dead.

After bending it, cracking it open to inspect it, etc., I sadly realized I’d trashed it.

But there’s always a good that can come out of accidents, right? After all God permits them. So there’s got to be a greater good.

That was my optimistic take on the whole thing. And when I did crack the adapter open I realized how much it looked like a robot/person and mused, well, at least I’ll get a photo out of it!

Just now, while fixing the images I got a bit freaked out when I looked at the “eyes” of Robo-man. Doesn’t it look like there’s a guy behind that iron mask?

Darth Vader?

Something spooky, anyhow.

As for Robo-woman (the flip side of the same dongle), she’s just as sad in her own way. She doesn’t even have human eyes anymore but more like cat-eye slits. Or something weird like that.


Okay… a little pandemic imagination—err, running with the imagination.

But again, take a close look, especially at Robo-man.

Sometimes the strangest things are caught in photos.