Sorry Patsy Cline fans, I’m not talking about the country music star. Nope. I’m talking about something potentially boring and tiring which can be fun and restful if you do it right.

What’s that?

Well, none other than consuming classic literature.

Most of you probably know about the amazing site Project Gutenberg.

Right now I’m reading and listening to one of the best history books around, Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

It’s a massive tome and I’d never get through it without a little help from my friends. These days my friends are selfless volunteers who spend countless hours to make it all work. Not only those who put the book into print but also those who record it into audio.

For audio, I’m talking about another fantastic site, LibriVox, where you can not only listen online but also download classic works for free.

Heck, if you really wanted to help you could be a reader too.

Edward Gibbon 1737 – 1794

I am enjoying Gibbon immensely this way. His work is a product of the Enlightenment and obviously biased. You won’t find a lot of the political correctness that plagues academia today. But my God, it is well written! And in many ways quite fair.

Gibbon toiled over this labor of love and died before he reached my age, which makes me feel a bit sorry for him. But he did a lot in his medium-aged life. He was a politician and scholar. So naturally, he resonates with the likes of Cicero and Seneca.

But that’s just my interest. You can read almost any classic you like at Gutenberg: Fiction, Science Fiction, History, Biography… whatever strikes your fancy. And when coupled with LibriVox, you’ve got a winning combo.

Check it out!

p.s. For an epub reader, I suggest Calibre. Free and filled with features, it’s the way to go.