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Source: Quote 185 – Falcon Put Redemption


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William Hartnell the original Doctor Who

There is some interesting material there. I particularly liked this because the ideas of the relativity of spacetime and retroactive causation have tickled my thoughts for decades.

I remember going on a date of sorts with a person and lightly suggesting that maybe The Clash (an 80s pop band) influenced either Bach or Beethoven (I can’t remember which classical composer I cited).

The woman curtly replied, “I can’t see how The Clash could influence Beethoven! (or Bach!)”

At that moment I realized I was talking to a fairly conventional intellect and our relationship soon deteriorated into distant strangers, as we are today.

That has happened with a lot of old friends and flames because I changed in ways they didn’t and vice versa.

That’s just the way it goes. Nothing lasts forever. Not in linear time, anyhow!