Murder is murder.

And I think that hypothetical psycho professor who disposes of body parts in plastic bags* and destroys the careers of innocents while posing as a reputable member of society is just as despicable as any psychopath who murders another person, whatever the colors may be.

Protest is an essential component of a healthy democracy as long as it does not invoke more senseless violence and disorder.

But what about another major group of individuals essentially murdered through yet another form of systemic discrimination?

I’m talking about seniors and other long-term care residents.

82 percent of COVID-19 related deaths in Canada are “linked to long term care facilities.”

The countless deaths of seniors and other long-term care residents through egregious neglect during the Covid-19 pandemic has met no such widespread public reaction as compared to what we are now witnessing.


* Actually, there was one in the news, a Russian professor was caught, if you will pardon the pun, red-handed.