LOS ANGELES — “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling is facing hefty backlash after she posted a series of tweets about transgender people.

Source: JK Rowling’s tweets on transgender people spark outrage


I would certainly never let a doctor alter my body, no matter how much I felt like a woman inside. But that’s me, and if other people wish to make such a drastic move, well, so be it.


I prefer to view the issue throught the lens of transpersonal psychology. We always have spiritual influences acting on us. And sometimes they are not just pure spirit but lesser fields and environments. Sometimes they are downright hellish and toxic. And then there’s a middle ground of what we might call, ‘gendered spirits’ or perhaps ‘gendered souls.’

If I connect with a woman on a spiritual level – and I am talking about great distances here, not touchy-feely stuff – it is possible that I can subtly perceive her body and erogenous zones. And I imagine it goes the other way around with some sensitives. A woman can spiritually sense what it’s like to have a male physique and all that goes with it.

So is this kind of dynamic partially going on with some trans and possibly lesbian/gay/bi people? They sense the subtle presence of the other sex and believe it is their truest self instead of stepping back and looking at the issue more dispassionately?


I’m not sure but I have wondered. On the other hand, maybe some people are just supposed to feel that way and it really is them.

Only God can say for sure. And to take a particular side of the argument in a heated way is probably a reflection of one’s own biases and limitations.

Myself, I don’t believe in religious teachings simply because some ancient, bumbling text says this and that. I believe in things because I have reason to believe in them.

In other words, I have a series of experiences that seem to support my beliefs, which I usually frame as hypotheses rather than as unshakeable truths. (Scientists do much the same thing although sometimes they and the public forget this).

There’s a big difference between my approach and the approach of some fundamentalists.

I try to stay away from most fundamentalists, be they Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jain, Muslim or Jew… whatever.

Fundamentalists are usually an impediment to world peace.