Just watched a telling piece on CNN where a professor made some sane and sensible comments about the relation between science, professionalism and human bias.

Apparently, the W.H.O. is now saying the risk of COVID transmission from an asymptomatic person is very low. Earlier, of course, we were all seriously scared thinking we could give or get the virus even if we didn’t exhibit symptoms.

So much for the white-coated scientists posing as God.

Before I go on, however, let me explain what I mean by the term scientism.

By scientism, I mean people called “scientists” abusing their high degree of social status and power by making claims that are not based on good science but on their own ideas. Related to that is the belief that science can explain everything and eventually solve all our problems.

Some of us see through scientism as it regularly appears in various issues – from climate change to the creepy and abusive caricatures of psychiatry – but for some reason, it seems the general public often misses it. And that’s what I mean when I say science has become a new religion, perhaps the new religion.

Here are three quotes from the professor (top right image) I jotted down while watching:

We need a lot more humility in our discipline.

We don’t quite know what’s going on right now [regarding the regional variations of COVID].

We are all people first, professionals second.

Test Tube – Gummy bear contamination! (Please note: No gummy bears were harmed or consumed in the making of this photo shoot) by sea turtle via Flickr


I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Meanwhile, the scientific front put up by Ontario Premier Doug Ford is beginning to crumble.

People are getting past the initial shock of the pandemic and beginning to think for themselves again and ask questions. Questions like… why can golf courses reopen for adults but not playgrounds for kids?

Could good old cashola have anything to do with the equation?

The authoritarianism in Ontario has been pretty bad during this pandemic. True, our caseload didn’t get anywhere near that of the US and some other hard-hit countries. But then again, we are a place with a low total population and low population density. Even Toronto, a fairly large city exhibiting 67% of the cases in Ontario, doesn’t compare to NYC.

You don’t have to be a scientist to understand the link between population density and reported cases of Covid-19.

You also don’t have to be a scientist to see that statement X does not equal statement not-X. But we’ve been getting a lot of contradictory information and related, often intransigent rules these days. From don’t wear a mask to wear a mask to what we see in this morning’s CNN story, the narrative has been anything but consistent.

Inquisition – HISTORY

Bottom line?

Time to wake up and call out science for its many informational and practical deceptions. The link between science and social power has replaced what was once enjoyed by the Church and its Inquisitors.

Why can’t most people see this?

I tried to make the situation better at the graduate level, a place where you would suppose intelligent dialog would reign.

But if you’ve been following me and my tales about “Professor X” you will know how that went!

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