A recording of a jam session by The Beatles is to be at the centre of a court battle allegedly set to begin on Tuesday, after it was discovered in late sound engineer Geoff Emerick’s home.

Source: Beatles’ Abbey Road jam session at centre of $6.3 million dispute | Canoe


Struggling artists take heart!

It always gives me a bit of hope when I read that the Beatles didn’t get everything right, right away. Turns out there is a recently surfaced tape of a recording that wasn’t deemed good enuf for distribution. And i’ve heard other “off the record” Beatles tapes where the band was laboriously trying to get the magic down.

Me, I just installed an advanced sound driver that makes my laptop good for home music production. But will I get inspired?

The fact that it takes most successful bands a lot of time before they really glow should encourage all of us, no matter what we wish to excel at.

Success doesn’t usually fall out of the sky. It takes years of hard work, practice, streamlining, learning from mistakes, elaborating, etc.

There’s an old religious saying that we’re all “unfinished work.” That should give us hope at any age. After all, only fools and children criticize unfinished work.