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Tonight was a bit of a blah night. You know. The pandemic. It can be a drag. Things haven’t quite gotten back to normal, even though we’re all hoping and emphasizing the positive over the negative.

We needed a change here. I discovered RTW Roxy some time ago. But you know how things go. I’d practically forgotten so was pleasantly surprised to have my memory jogged this morning by a ‘like.’

My roomie and I watched several of her videos and really enjoyed them.

Here’s a recent one. I suggest just going to Roxy’s YouTube page and choosing whatever locations strike your fancy. A truly amazing young woman who makes me wish I could turn back my clock about 30 years. But then again, if I did, I’d be burying my nose in books while she was off seeing the world. That already happened once in my youth with a young flame. If I could time travel it would probably just happen again!

Sure enough, after watching the last video I felt like a bit of a dope. Here I’ve been sitting, meditating and praying for God knows how many years in the same old place while there’s an exciting and diverse world out there. But I’m okay now. We’re all different. And in many ways, the contemplative closeness that can come with other spiritually attuned souls is actually closer than physical contact. That’s how I see it, anyhow.

But still, what a ride!