Joseph marries Mary by Niall McAuley via Flickr

Let’s face it. Father’s Day doesn’t get quite the hype that Mother’s Day enjoys.

I recall going out as a kid to Canadian Tire (a hardware store) and buying some kind of wrench or multi-screwdriver for my Dad. For Mom it was usually flowers or chocolates.

Some see both of these days as “Department Store” holidays. A bit of an anachronism, today we could call them “” holidays… in other words, skeptics say the holidays were originally cooked up to boost sales.

But I think there’s more to it than that. At least, we can choose to see more in Father’s Day.

We can honor and celebrate the institution and natural fact of Fatherhood.

This morning I did a quick search through my countless RSS feeds for the biblical St. Joseph, the foster-father of Jesus Christ. Sure, there are lots of St. Joseph websites but I was searching for recent opinion pieces about Joseph himself. Basically, I came up with nothing, which goes to show how not only how St. Joseph but fathers, in general, take a backseat to mothers.


I don’t know.

We always focus on how women are subjugated by men but there are many subtle perks and moments of power that women enjoy which men have historically been excluded from.

All that is changing, however, and I think that’s a good thing.

To mark Father’s Day I just touched up my entry on St. Joseph at Think Free. Some of the links at the bottom of that post may no longer work but I left them in. This isn’t a formal revision but just a grammatical touch-up.

Happy Father’s Day!