You really don’t have to worry about buying a plane ticket in Toronto, unless of course, your business depends on it.

For most of us average folk, we can access the world on TV through our normal cable package.

Marriage proposal on the edge of Toronto’s CN Tower!

Our particular provider was a bit behind the other main company on the multicultural front for a while. But it seems to have caught up. The other company catered to a more diverse audience while ours seemed a touch more ‘white bread.’

But as I say, that has changed and I’m glad because except for the constant – and sometimes downright wrong – billing increases I like our provider better in terms of the technical service it provides. By that I mean the transmission, not necessarily the content.

Despite what Marshall McLuhan says, there is a difference! And we would do well to remember that.

“Marshall McLuhan was an absolute genius. He was a thinker and a technologist who was switched on to media…” – Pinterest

The Canadian McLuhan famously said “The Medium is the Message,” which most loosely interpret to mean that the means of information transmission speaks louder than the actual content.

While interesting and perhaps partially true, actual content also matters.

And today’s content on our cable provider was of interest to me because I spent two years living and studying in India and yet never had a TV! I missed that, along with driving on the highway (I always took trains). So it’s nice to fill in my lost experiences these days by watching international broadcasts.

The Big Lesson of the India-China Conflict: Borders Don’t Work at High Altitude – The Diplomat

Today’s topic is the burgeoning clash between India and China. A story that doesn’t get much coverage on the Canadian and US networks, it clearly is a big deal in India.

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