There’s a classic Bruce Lee film called Enter the Dragon (1973) which most Kung Fu fans will know about. This famous scene shows the undisputed kick-out master just after he is struck by the bad guy’s metal, claw-like hand.

Bruce Lee just after entering the House of Mirrors, where he was swiped by the sneaky bad guy who snuck up on him, unseen

I was just eleven years old when this film came out and watched it on late-night TV back when you turned a dial or clicked an analog cable box connected to your set with a wire.

Today, the film still resonates and is generally regarded as one of the greatest martial arts films of all time.

Bruce Lee was a truly modern person and this film speaks to us on many levels. Not just physical combat.

This morning I was thinking of how one lousy, jealous, and incompetent creep destroyed my academic career. That’s what I believe and I have reason to believe it.

I suppose I should get over it and move on. For the most part, I have. But still, there is a part of me that would like to see this person exposed—that is, cover blown.

So I spend a fair amount of time searching the web for spy and espionage stories in the hope of raising awareness about just how prevalent and dangerous hostile operators are to Canadian and, by implication, additional free world democracies.

I’ve already talked about how hostiles weasel their way into the country through lies and fabricated back stories. And how once in, they proceed to undermine the very practices and principles that make our country a shining exemplar for the rest of the world.

But all too often it feels like I’m just pissing into the wind or talking to a brick wall.

Nobody really cares until the unseen ‘metal hand’ claws at their skin.

I probably would be just as apathetic had my career not been torn away by a miscreant with a faulty conscience.

Perhaps you have heard about John Walsh?

Walsh’s story is somewhat similar to mine, although far more tragic. Walsh lost his young son who was abducted in a department store and later murdered. Since then, Walsh has spent his life tracking down violent criminals on TV as a way to get back in a positive way.

Walsh’s TV shows won’t bring his murdered son back to life. But they could save many kids in the future.

Likewise, I’ll never get the academic career back that I desired and deserved. But I can help to prevent a disturbing social cancer from spreading even further within Canada and beyond.

So forgive me if I mention the topic of hostile operators every now and then at Earthpages. It is important to me personally and, I believe, internationally. I grew up in Canada and have witnessed how my country has been steadily declining into a cesspool of corruption, human rights abuses, and gang violence.

Like Bruce Lee and John Walsh, I hope to smash the proverbial mirror so the twisted white-collar sneaks hiding out at the top of the heap behind their fabricated illusion of decency will be brought to light… and justice.

* * *

Here’s a selection of today’s news headlines about spies. I just discovered a new RSS reader for Ubuntu. It seems really good. More stories than ever!