Look at Mother Nature on the Run…

Here’s a shot taken this morning. Ever since the pandemic, this truck has been parked on our street. Our guess is someone moved in with their folks but we don’t know.

I love the slogan, “The Animal’s Choice.”

Ha ha.

It’s funny how everyone talks ‘Green’ yet we have bylaws about cutting the lawn when it reaches a certain height and keeping animals at bay.

True, if an animal is in the home, that is not acceptable. A person could get rabies. And I guess that’s where this guy or gal comes in.

Still, I remember how in India wild goats and dogs would come into my little room and it was nice. No need to call up a “humane” extractor. We just made friends with the animals, feeding them scraps and enjoying their company. Once when I was bitten trying to free a dog caught and panicking on a wire fence, I went to the local doctor for the appropriate shots. Not a big deal. The pup actually looked apologetic after the incident and we were still good.

I miss that connection with nature in Canada. People say Canadian nature is beautiful. But in the cities, it’s a bit of a joke. Better than most cities but still a long way to go before becoming a truly healthy environment in which to live.


    • Ha ha… I often think of my little room day and night. It was by a pond so the nature sounds were literally OUT OF THIS WORLD! I’ll never forget… still feel it today. 🙂 India is a great place for Westerners to get a better perspective on the ego, self, etc. Some of us just carried our psycho-cultural baggage along with us. Others ditched it… or some of it! I like to think I was the latter. 🙂

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