I wanted to write something on Canada Day but was so tired from food shopping the night before, it was really “recovery day” for me. Fireworks could be heard outside our window. More than usual. I guess people need something to cheer about.

Myself, I had this nagging, cynical feeling that the country is screwed and not even the country I grew up in. Seems kreaminals rule Canada these days. Why don’t they just call it Kreaminal Day?

But alas, I’m sure all great reformers had moments of discouragement. I will continue the fight to right this nation. I have no choice. I cannot accept how things are now. It’s reached a tipping point… or as we used to say, the point of no return.

So now at 3:11 am I go to bed. Another Canada Day has come and gone.

Tomorrow, I rejoin the fight. The country is worth saving from the immoral lowlife who try to destroy it at every level.

Sometimes I feel so uninspired
Sometimes I feel like giving up
Sometimes I feel so very tired
Sometimes I feel like I’ve had enough
Sometimes you feel like you’ve been hired
Sometimes you feel like you’ve been bought
Sometimes you feel like your room’s been wired
Sometimes you feel like you’ve been caught
But don’t let it get you down, no, no
There is no reason for not failing
You’ve got to smile and turn the other cheek
So today you might be done
By tomorrow you’ll be sailing
And you won’t even hear these words I speak

— Traffic