More thought-provoking images about a prevalent cultural bias that almost nobody talks about

Everybody is talking about racism right now, and rightly so. But there are many other discriminatory tropes that pass by unnoticed in today’s world. Caricatures and ideas that really hurt a good percentage of the population. So I thought I’d examine one of these through Google Images. All of these images are linked to the keyword “crazy” except for the last, which comes up with “psycho.”

Funnily enough, I was watching TV last night and a so-called black character (no skin color is “black” or “white” no matter what people say) used the word “psycho” in a derogatory and stereotypical way. This character is portrayed as overcoming racism through his own personal example, which I wholeheartedly agree with and applaud. But when it comes to the stigma around being different from the status quo, seems even some so-called blacks can strike out here and it’s all okay. Nobody gives a sh*t. It’s seen as funny by most.

“Forever Crazy By Crazy Horse: More Than A Cabaret Show”


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