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Chapter 1

Neolithic Fishing – Schmittys World History Site

Uruk and Marduk were walking home along their familiar path after a long day of fishing. Purple pink sunlight streaked across the western sky. Tall grass filtered the rays as it fell on their weary bodies. The date is about 10000 B.C. The place, what is currently Iran.

A few mosquitos pestered Uruk in his unkempt beard. Marduk, his companion, scratched at them with her left hand while carrying their fishing spears in her right. Uruk’s palms were sore and bleeding from falling in a rocky stream while unsuccessfully trying to spear a catfish.

Walking around a bend the two neolithics came to a clearing. They knew this place like the back of their hands and were surprised to find an obscure, hazy figure appearing just a few meters away from them. Uruk…

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