Title: Squaw with child at train station
Creator/Contributor: Jones, Leslie, 1886-1967 (photographer)
Date created: 1930 (approximate)

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Christian-Hindu-Buddhist-Jewish-Baha’i-Native American-Pagan religious leaders have stated that continuing with popular “Squaw Valley Ski Resort” (SVSR) name would be “morally wrong”, as many considered it as a hurtful reminder of the historical maltreatment of Native Americans.

Welcoming the reports of Resort management considering the removal of word “Squaw” from its name; these religious leaders from nearby Nevada urged SVSR President Ron Cohen and CEO of its parent Alterra Mountain Company Rusty Gregory to speed-up the name-changing process and announce a definitive time-line for its elimination, as it was long overdue.

Lutheran Chad R. Adamik, Hindu Rajan Zed, Buddhist Trey Ligon, Jewish Rabbi ElizaBeth Webb Beyer, Methodist Dawn Blundell, Baha’i Dr. Bradley S. Corbin, American scholar Brian E. Melendez; and Pagan Excolas Danae M. Miller; in a joint statement in Nevada, said: Many regard the term “squaw” as contemptuous, degrading, demeaning, derogatory, disparaging, insulting, offensive, and a slur to Native Americans; and any continuation and acceptance of it would be morally wrong.

“Chippeway Squaw and Child”, 1842 print

Rajan Zed points out that use of stereotypes and caricatures keeps us away from the reality and harmony of one human family. Instead, we need to work towards creating goodwill among all the sections of society. Indeed, God is in each human being.

Ski-resorts and mountain-destination companies should not be in the business of disparaging entire communities and society should not be publicly celebrating a derogatory term. We should be more sensitive to the feelings of others and no community should be dehumanized; Adamik-Zed-Ligon-Beyer- Blundell-Corbin-Melendez-Miller indicated.

It was the right moment for an otherwise wonderful ski-resort like SVSR to return the affection it had received from users/fans over the years, who deserved a name that was reflective of that love and pride; by resolving this issue of systematic disrespect; Adamik-Zed-Ligon-Beyer- Blundell-Corbin-Melendez-Miller noted.

Voted North America’s best ski resort, SVSR, about seven miles from Lake Tahoe and 44 miles from Reno in Sierra Nevada mountain range, hosted 1960 Winter Olympics and is known for its scenic beauty. Alterra Mountain Company, headquartered in Denver, is a community of 15 iconic year-round mountain destinations in USA and Canada.

Poster for the play The Squaw Man (1905); the term refers to a white man married to an Indian woman.