Brain-computer system Neuralink will be able to stream music straight into your brain, says Elon Musk. Learn more about this announcement.

Source: Elon Musk Says Neuralink Streams Music Into Your Brain | Futurism


Last time I checked Elon Musk was hoping to begin testing Neuralink on people in 2020 but not stepping up himself.

For people with severe neurological issues, I can understand the potential benefit.

But I think you’d have to be nuts to allow someone to drill into your skull and electrically connect to your brain for something as mundane as good music listening—assuming it’s even all that good.

And what about the ol’ problem of blasting the headphones by mistake? How would that go it if wasn’t your ears that were overloaded (which is bad enough) but your very brain?

In a word… crazy. But I guess that’s the future for us. Buyer beware!