Cooling of Earth caused by eruptions, not meteors — ScienceDaily | Opinion

Ancient sediment found in a central Texas cave appears to solve the mystery of why the Earth cooled suddenly about 13,000 years ago.

Source: Cooling of Earth caused by eruptions, not meteors — ScienceDaily


What the ‘Church of Climate Change’ won’t tell you is that we really do not know if warmer temperatures will harm or benefit humanity.

The argument that recent temperature increases from industrialization guarantee a harmful effect is spurious. Sure, temperatures have probably risen (let’s not forget that in the past humanity did not measure nearly as accurately, frequently, and globally as in the 21st century). But again, what this means for humanity and the rest of our living planet remains to be seen.

A while back I suggested a large meteor could impact the Earth, which most say would cause massive global cooling. If that catastrophic event took place, our current global warming might actually save us.

In today’s linked article, we see yet another reason for global cooling, this one apparently occurring 13,000 years ago.

In a word, volcanoes.

Who can say a massive volcanic event will not occur again? And like a meteor impact scenario, our current global warming might keep us from freezing to death and expiring as a species.

This line of reasoning will not be heard nor considered from the ‘Church of Climate Change.’ Adherents are far too emotionally invested, feel far too self-important, and make far too much money from their Global Warming schtick to even look at another side of the argument. They would rather run around the world going to conferences, giving speeches, and raising money at the cost of countless tons of jet ( = fossil = oil) fuel.

Simple folks like myself ironically have a much lower carbon footprint than these highfalutin jet-setters. We don’t carve out a hypocritical identity of conservation and ‘green care.’ We tend to re-use and only buy things as needed because it makes economic and ecological sense to do so.

So the next time someone calls you a “denier” for simply thinking in a mature and adult manner, realize they are just bullies trying to shame you. Bullies are usually a clannish bunch who are not that bright. And they like to shame people who are different and intelligent. It’s an age-old dynamic. Also understand that these bullies are indoctrinated by a church, not unlike any other church.

I call it The Church of Climate and Change.

The CCC wants your money like most other churches. And like many churches, the CCC wants to influence how you think and behave. But unlike modern religious churches, in some jurisdictions the “offering” is not even voluntary; citizens do not get to choose but are forced to pay at the cash register.

I’m thinking, of course, of Justin Trudeau’s Federal Carbon Tax. This is a great example of the CCC’s very modern tithing style with, however, medieval overtones of thought-control and authoritarianism… all backed by law.

How many people would pay that Carbon Tax if it was presented as an optional checkbox on our Income Tax forms?

I think we all know the answer.

Michael William Clark has a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Ottawa, Canada. He has a wide range of interests with politics becoming increasingly important since after many years of seeking he has found his spiritual home in Christianity.

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