Sunday Morning News Wrapup – Hackers, Big Banks, Oil, Spies, Elon Musk’s Egypt – ET Theory and more!

The news stories that caught my eye this morning. Three stood out most:

  • The Cameron Otis espionage trial in Canada – Apparently whatever he was doing was so bad that the courts are determining how to proceed without putting Canada into even further danger.
  • Elon Musk tweeted that ETs built the pyramids – Well, we have solid and abundant archaeological evidence that real human work gangs built the pyramids but to be fair, one could imagine that ETs might have implanted the idea into someone’s head… you never know.
  • Big Banks are carved out as being Big Bad Wolves for investing in Big Oil – Thing is, banks don’t just store our money (we hope) safely. They invest and make money so we can all receive interest. I look forward to the day when clean energy is supreme. But in the meantime, let’s be honest about our need to pay the bills… especially now with COVID-19. 08/02/2020

What are you thinking?

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