Tower of Babel - What Did It Look Like? | Bible-Science Guy
Tower of Babel – What Did It Look Like? | Bible-Science Guy

Some of my favorite websites are not written in my mother tongue, English. And some of those sites use the Google Translate Widget (or Script) to make it really easy to read what they are saying.

So I thought, why not include that at Earthpages? (I think I did, many years ago…).

From what I can see, this feature is slowly being phased out because Google Chrome browser automatically translates, right in the browser.

I realize Google Chrome’s built-in translate feature doesn’t always appear. And that can be a drag. If I’m using my tablet, for instance, I often have to make a mental note to return to some non-English sites on my PC, where there is a far greater chance of an easy, automatic translation.

Anyhow, I just wanted to acknowledge how enriching my non-English blogger friends can be. I actually like seeing the original language and comparing it to the translation. It gives insight into the minds and cultures of the writers!

The Snob – Google Images

Sometimes if commenting on a post, I flip the translation back and forth in Google Translate to make sure it is solid. (If it doesn’t lose its meaning after several flips, chances are it is pretty safe to post).

One thing I really like about the rapid development of good internet translation capacity is how it undercuts all those mediocre snobs who cling on to their academic posts by virtue of having knowledge of several languages.

Pretty soon that will be obsolete and academics will be hired for their intelligence and analytical capacities—not to mention simply being able to ‘put things together’ effectively.

Of course, there is a lot more to academia today than that. But automatic translation is a good step toward leveling the playing field and putting those freakin’ language snobs to rest, once and for all!