Responses to our pandemic seems to have turned everything inside out. The media is treating President Donald Trump like an uninformed doctor while they treat Dr. Anthony Fauci like a thoughtful president. Obviously reversed. But Fauci seems more like a minister of the church of “scientism” — a pseudo-religion that is demanding fearful obedience to its directives. For example, the CDC computer models are accepted as real science instead of the faulty predictors of pandemic doom…

Source: At the altar of ‘scientism’ – Opinion – The Register-Guard – Eugene, OR

Opinion (on the above Opinion):

What a delight to see someone else use a similar term as I recently used in regard to global warming and climate change.

The “church of scientism.” That is essentially what I was saying when I talked about The Church of Climate Change.

Actually, it is an even better term than mine because scientism reaches so deep and so far into so many lives—it’s not just about thinking about climate change.

I’m not a huge fan of the anti-psychiatry site “Mad in America” because it often seems a bit too extreme and one-sided. Psychiatry can be necessary and helpful. Sometimes psychiatry is indispensable, given the way our contemporary culture thinks and feels. But anyone saying that psychiatry does not exhibit elements of scientism, well, I think they need to think again.*

* I wrote a grad paper detailing from a multidisciplinary, cross-cultural perspective how the DSM-III-R (which was current back then) could be critiqued from various angles.