A couple of Hollywood heavyweights recently lamented that superhero flicks had lost the magic of the movies, a magic that only old-school actors and plotlines could capture.

Rubbish, I say.

True, Stargirl is not a movie but it definitely fits into a current trend of making pictures and TV shows out of comic book characters.

As a TV show, Stargirl has movie-theatre production values, something made possible I and (I guess) less expensive through computer graphics.

In other words… it’s the 21st century.

For those who have no eyes to see, Brec Bassinger, who plays the titular role is something like the new Shirley Temple. Cute as a button, spunky and able to portray a wide range of emotions quite effectively.

Watching Stargirl is more than just reliving my high-school days, although admittedly, that might be part of the fun. It’s a documentary not about some fictional universe but about the cold, hard world of today.

The bad guys are well-integrated into acceptable society. They fool almost everyone with their philanthropic personas, meanwhile they are planning to wipe out 25% of the population with a master brainwashing machine that in their minds will make America “better.”

Sound familiar?

So I ask those old-school heavyweights who deplore the DC Universe to wake up and smell the coffee.

Our world is so convoluted – some might say twisted – right now, it takes extreme measures to represent it accurately.