Avoid contact with your stalker. Stalkers often feel as though they are in a relationship with their victims, and any contact the victims make with them is perceived as validation of their “relationship,” which is nonexistent. If you are being stalked, do not call, write to, or speak to your stalker in person if you can avoid it at all.

Source: 5 Ways to Deal With Stalkers – wikiHow


The internet can be a great place. Kept in proper balance, it can be a wonderful medium for reaching out to like-minded people, for education, debates, light virtual ‘socializing’, and a plethora of entertainment options—from music to movies to… well, pretty much anything you can think of.

It can also be a place where we are constructively challenged and grow from the experience. We’re all in this together and hearing out opposing viewpoints can be extremely fruitful, provided participants are not harboring any serious, unresolved issues.

However, if someone is playing out their issues with you as the object of their emotional obsession, well that just sucks. Actually, it more than sucks. It can be extremely disconcerting and even dangerous.

Another good link: https://www.wikihow.com/Spot-Common-Stalking-Behavior

Most of us have probably been in some kind of light or a serious relationship that begins auspiciously enough but over time begins to sour. Over a lot of time, it may become not just sour but toxic. Sour is actually fairly normal. We all go through changes. The divorce rate is about 40%, last I checked. A problem arises, however, when one party doesn’t realize that things have changed. Instead of gracefully letting go – the best-case scenario – they cling and cling and cling.

I don’t know if this is still hip among the younger gen but when I was a youth we called people like this “Klingons.” And Klingons, like in the original Star Trek series, are not just sour but incredibly toxic.

Just getting an email from someone like this can throw off your day, make it difficult to fulfill your duties, do your job, whatever.

The bottom line is that under no circumstances should Klingons be tolerated.

The above links give some pretty useful advice. Mind you, each situation is unique so I urge you to think for yourself before blindly following any suggestions. Still, I found some of the points in these articles quite illuminating.

Remember, life is too short and precious to reinforce the bad habits of someone blindly acting out an unresolved psychological complex (or complexes). If you feel uncomfortable, reach out to someone you trust. Don’t let a stalker bully you and make you feel alone. It’s their problem, not yours.

And guys, don’t forget that women can be stalkers too. Don’t feel ashamed to say so and take action if you are unduly harassed by a woman. Women can be just as abusive – and even physically dangerous – as any man.