In February 1970, students occupying the registry at Warwick University discovered dozens of incriminating documents. The university, at the behest of the business interests that dominated its governing council, was apparently spying on its lecturers and students and keeping files on their political activities.

Source: Academic freedom is precious – so why have UK universities sold out to China? | Peter Wilby | Education | The Guardian

Intelligence documents recently unearthed in Prague reveal that in the 1980s Jiri Bartek, then a researcher at London’s Imperial Cancer Research Fund, worked for the StB, Czechoslovakia’s secret intelligence service. Operating under the code name Raki, Bartek used his position at the clinic to purloin scientific material and equipment then unavailable in communist Czechoslovakia. Having stolen the items, he gave them to secret agents in London who smuggled them out of the UK. – The Telegraph

Opinion – Forget fake news, in Canada it’s Safe News.

I like the Guardian. It digs up a lot of good stuff and isn’t afraid to report it. In Canada we should rename most of the media outlets as The Safe News.

The Safe News is so emotionally gutted with content sanitized that I simply have to turn to people like Tucker Carlson (even tho’ I don’t agree with everything he says) for a little bit of life. Human life.

Same thing with The Guardian. It seems far more approachable and engaging without lapsing into tabloid sensationalism—like Buzzfeed, for instance.

The above is an interesting piece. I quoted the part that spoke to me. But I do think it is a bit incomplete. Is China the only hostile actor here? Cummon.

Let’s say an immigrant with illicit connections to the old Soviet Communist regime somehow made it into the North American academic loop. Are you trying to tell me it is impossible that such a figure could not be a conscientious educator but rather a frontman or woman for the murderous heavies they work for back home? The people who squelch not only academic innovation but also human potential at large?

Think about it. The Soviets may be gone on paper. But the mindset and power relations most definitely carried on.

Maybe we need a few more student sit-ins and protests in North America. I’m not saying academia is inherently bad. It’s not. But an academia occupied by hostile powers, powers that do not understand nor care what democracy means,  well, that is something that simply must be fixed.

However, it won’t happen with Safe News. It will only happen when the truth comes to light.