Could there possibly be benefits to anger?

Source: 3 Benefits Of Anger, According To A Psychologist


I personally do not like anger much. A lot like laughing, when we are angry the rational centers of our brains tend to be eclipsed.

In my case, if I laugh too much I can get distracted and have small accidents that piss me off for the rest of the day. Accidents like blasting my computer speakers by mistake, getting a towel in my eye, stubbing my toe, or something stupid like that.

So too much of any emotion isn’t good, I suppose. Anger or mirth.

But we also need emotion. We’re not just robots – that famous word coined by the Czech playwright Karel Čapek – but human beings who feel and hopefully care about others.

Imagine a robot marrying a human partner (don’t be surprised, people are already talking about it these days). ‘He’ or ‘she’ would take a spouse not out of love but out of sheer utility. The spouse would simply be a means to an end.


Now taken the other way, if a human married a robot, we would have to ask first of all if the human being KNEW it was a robot or not when they took their sacred (?) vows. Some robots are already pretty convincing replicas of the real thing, so it’s a potentially complicated situation.

No, marriage should be conceived, consummated, and cherished out of love. Nothing else.

As for the adaptive aspects of anger, like human survival, I can dig that. But still, too much anger just obscures things in the 21st century. Probably better to call the cops, for instance, if someone breaks into your home than try to take on the attacker yourself.

Unless, of course, all these misguided defund the police people have their way. But that’s a topic for another day. I’ll perhaps wait for the next prologued blackout to better illustrate that point…