Vlaams Belang party says it will submit a resolution condemning Facebook’s ban in the European Parliament.

Children take a selfie with a man dressed as Black Pete in Antwerp | Kristof Van Accom/AFP via Getty Images

Source: Belgian far right slams Facebook blackface ban – POLITICO


A lot of bad things hide or slide by under the guise of “culture” or “tradition.” In religion, especially, the subjugation of women and certain groups of people (e.g. homosexuals, heathen, infidels, untouchables) is often glossed over because it’s just a “cultural difference.”

Time to pull the plug on that kind of b.s.

I’m not taking a side on this particular issue in Belgium. I’ve only spent time in the airport, never actually been there and do not know much about it. But I do think we need to reexamine many instances of social injustice that are given a free pass on the basis of “tradition” or “religion.”

Hindu… Christian… Muslim… Jew… whatever. The guise of religion just doesn’t cut it if innocents are being harmed or held back by creeps benefitting from that oppression.

What do you think?