The star S62 whips around the Milky Way’s central black hole at a dizzying eight percent of lightspeed. It’s so fast scientists can see time slow down.

Source: This Star Is Moving So Fast it Visibly Warps Spacetime


I’m revising a sci-fi novel I wrote a long time ago. It’s about time travel. But in actual fact, we are all time travelers. And I’m not just talking about how our clocks move through the day while we live out our lives on Earth. No, we are all time travelers in that every time we move, we change our personal time frame a tiny, tiny bit compared to someone else who is not moving (relative to us).

That means your time ain’t my time and vice versa!

We don’t really realize this because the changes are so infinitesimally small. You have to move really fast to notice and measure those different time frames. But they are there. We all live in different zones of not only space but of time as well.

Freaky? Twilight Zone?

Not really, it’s just the way things are according to our current understanding of ‘time dilation.’

The above article spells out this phenomenon quite nicely, making it easier to understand.