Earthpages – A few ‘back to school’ tweaks

The new look for Earthpages defines a new attitude and future direction for the blog. Instead of trying to be one of those glossy, ‘everything’s beautiful’ sites I thought it would be more real to depict things as they really are around the world today.

The banner image is a shot of some cabins in the aftermath of a hurricane. They’re still standing but somewhat battered—sort of like society and many of us in our strange new COVID reality.

The icon is from one of my favorite full-time designers.

Both are credited in Credits (under About) in the new layered menu at top.

Another possible change I am considering is going back to directing the “” domain to Earthpages – Think Free.” Currently, “” points to “Alternative News 24/7.”

Maybe let me know what you think! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Earthpages – A few ‘back to school’ tweaks

  1. Yes, everything is clearly not beautiful on this rocky little planet. The trouble with trying to generate an income from writing on the internet is that it seems to require endless brash and shallow self promotion. It also seems to require selling products and advertising and talking about subjects in which you have no interest. Were I a Khardashian I am sure I would have far greater success. What seems to sell is sex, bright materialism and telling people how to make money.

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  2. “What seems to sell is sex, bright materialism and telling people how to make money.”

    You got it. That, and the lastest ‘all-important’ topics, providing you take the side of the crowd and mute your own personal opinions—or simply mere questions.

    My solution to the whole thing, as I have said elsewhere, is simply to try to do what I perceive as the right thing at any given moment. Yes, my perception will be biased and flawed. But at least I try.

    That may sound a bit self-righteous and maybe it is. But not trusting in God, IMO, is a big mistake.


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