…the world is such a conflicted place that there’s not much point in saying anything?

You can’t really say everything you want and even if you did say it, sometimes it seems like it would not make a whit of difference.

I’ve been feeling that way for the past day or so.

My answer to this inertia is to shift gears.

There are redeeming qualities to humanity, despite our imperfections.

One nice thing I have been doing is running my laptop through our TV and watching classical music performances in the evening.

I began with a simple Rostropovich video and the YouTube algorithms sent me and my housemate on a wonderful journey.

Here are some of the highlights.

These young ladies may not be household names but I enjoyed their fresh exuberance. Sometimes up and comers are more lively and engaging that the ‘old guard’ of well-established performers.

And yes, there’s something about classical music in Europe. We have a symphony orchestra in Toronto but I was never really blown away by the TSO. Instead of playing pieces that people actually like, it seems the organizers have been trying to ‘educate’ us with more obscure works. That’s fine but it has been driving away audiences to the point of near bankruptcy. Also, the orchestra just isn’t that good. Sometimes I feel like I’m at a high-school performance while sitting in the ugly, concrete Roy Thompson Hall.

Needless to say, I have stopped going to the TSO and much prefer reclining in the living room watching what I want on YouTube instead of what some music programmer thinks I should want.

Live long the web! 🙂