I just watched another BBC Earth TV doc with Professor Brian Cox called Human Universe – Are We Alone?

This is a visually pleasing documentary with some useful nuggets of info that should round out everything you might have missed while daydreaming in high school.

Cox is a great presenter and obviously very sharp in articulating a plethora of scientific details.

Professor Brian Cox

However, when Cox talks about searching for aliens he focusses on the chemical elements that constitute life as we know it or better put, life as most of us know it.

Correct me if I’m wrong but in this episode, Cox regularly says “life not life as most of us know it, those few extra words representing a huge shift in meaning.

Interestingly, many people claim to intuitively or psychically connect with ETs, an idea that Cox only looks at within the comfortable framework of a colorful Navaho festival in New Mexico.

Countless individual accounts are overlooked, which is not surprising as personal reports and ideas are often trivialized by scientists and the world at large, especially when they involve cutting edge, unconventional thinking.

Just ask your psychiatrist or parish priest.

Magical thinking? Demonic deception?

Contrary to what the skeptics say, actual reports allege that increased psi abilities often accompany an ET / UFO encounter.

We might also consider the idea that ETs exist on diverse ontological planes, of which humanity is only dimly aware. So instead of dismissing, say astrology – as Cox routinely does – I think it would be more scientific to admit uncertainty.

Myself, I do not believe in astrology commonly understood as the relative positions of celestial objects and their supposed effects on the psyche. That is far too limiting, arbitrary, and grid-like for me. But I am open to the possibility of subtle influences and intelligences which the majority of us are oblivious to.

For the most part, this doc illustrates a selective, reductionist and conventional approach that not a few individuals have already questioned.

In the 21st century, I would expect a bit more.