© 2020, Michael William Clark. All rights reserved.

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Montgomery’s Tavern, Toronto (early 19th century)

The time trip lasted just a few hours but it seemed an eternity. Louis had no idea how long he would be stuck in the past. Would he ever return?

The old Torontonians looked at him strangely.

He heard some rough, guttural voices from behind.

Look here, matey. What do we have here?”

Two wayfarers drinking gin from a bottle were suddenly on him.

Hello, mate. That’s quite an odd suit ye have on. Where’d ye get that?”

Oh, hello,” Louis stumbled. “I uh, well, it’s hard to explain.”

“’Ard to explain huh? That’s what Madame Dupree says last night!” one of the drunks jeered, followed by a burst of rowdy laughter.

Louis wasn’t laughing. He could sense danger. He was good that way.

Well, maybe this’l ‘elp youse remember!” the other drunkard slurred between slugs.

At that moment the pair set upon Louis and gave him a thorough beating. Louis fell to the snowy ground, almost passing out.

Where are the bloody pockets?” one of the drunks grumbled impatiently.

Damned if I know,” growled the other.

The scoundrels tried to rob Louis but couldn’t find any coins or valuables. Not even a pocket watch. This enraged them further and earned Louis a few more kicks in the gut before their drunken rage was satisfied. They moved on, half laughing, half cursing.

A kind, delicate young woman who had been watching from a safe distance came to his aid when the coast was clear.

Oh, this is terrible. What happened? Why were those wicked rogues so cruel?” she asked while wiping blood from Louis’ face with her handkerchief.

Thank you,” was all Louis could muster as he looked up into her soft blue eyes. Such a gentle, pretty face he thought when suddenly he snapped back to his own time.

Slumped on his apartment floor, the experience threw him off for several days. Louis sequestered himself at home and called in sick to avoid awkward questions from his nosey colleagues at the museum.

He had to heal. And he needed time.

To be continued…

© 2020, Michael William Clark. All rights reserved.

Did you miss part of the story? Find it here!