Justin Trudeau’s hip mom clubbin’ with The Stones

In a word, they all involve myth. Canadian myth.

The first article talks about how Canadians did not talk about WW-II after the Allies had fought long and hard to overcome the Nazis and the additional Axis Powers.

We let other countries write the histories and produce TV docs.

Instead of coming to grips with our military involvement, a new prevailing mythology emerged—namely, Canada, The Peacemaker.

Funnily enough, my mother who actually lived through WW-II often asks, “Why has it taken so long for this to come out?” while watching WW-II TV docs.

Well, Mom, it’s because Canada just wasn’t talking about it. World War II was too nasty and didn’t fit with our squeaky clean public image—or at least, the image that Canadians wanted to project around the world.

So I totally get this article. Canada has been and continues to be involved in real conflicts since WW-II but oh no, we are The Peacemakers.

It’s a nice myth but then again, is it? Does it pay due respect to those who lost their lives or became frightfully injured so we could enjoy a happy, prosperous, and free country?

Does anyone even care any more? Or educate themselves, for that matter?

The second article has to do with Justin Trudeau’s mincing around the serious allegations against Canada’s Governor-General, Julie Payette. This secular, scientific woman (she was a Space Shuttle astronaut) has not only insulted religious groups but is now under fire for being an abusive boss.

Trudeau’s response? Well, read the article. Seems the PM’s ability to spin mythology reaches new, almost Olympic heights while covering for Payette. (A bit of a payoff for him, perhaps?)

The third article has to do with Trudeau’s complete unwillingness to assess the claims of Climate Change activists on a level that deviates from current, popular trends.

Put simply, Trudeau is well-off, the son of a lawyer and a popular Prime Minister (Pierre Elliott Trudeau). Justin’s mom used to hang out with Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. Upper crust kinda folk. It won’t hurt Justin if the rest of us must pay even more taxes to fulfill his New Green Dream (look at what has happened in California and that ‘dream’ seems more like a nightmare).

Yes, we all want a green, clean Earth. But Justin Trudeau enters into the realm of myth when he talks about Canada’s “leadership” role in achieving this. Canada is a minor country. It’s not even a “middle-power” as some CBC talking heads put it. Our population is tiny. So whatever we do towards achieving a Green economy must be balanced out with the very real impact of massive amounts of carbon emissions originating from the remainder of the globe—China and the USA, in particular.

It’s a simple cost-benefit ratio:

First, you tax Canadians a certain percentage on energy products. Then any sensible person would ask how much that benefits the global situation.

What’s the ratio of global benefit vs. real damage to Canadian pocketbooks?

This ratio is so damn simple that even a junior school student could understand it.

But alas, the Canadian myth of being “Green Leaders” has won over many otherwise intelligent people. And they willfully buy into this myth, cheerfully paying a Carbox Tax for energy products already heavily taxed before Justin Trudeau’s additional cash grab.

Myths are great. But they are just that. Myths. We must always balance inspirational ideas with the cold hard facts of making a living and paying the bills.

Well, most of us, that is. Mr. Trudeau, the mythmaker supreme, sits in a cozy bubble of affluence. And it seems he’ll do or say anything to ensure that the rest of us continue to pay the bills for his mythic delights and related flights of fancy.