Belarus leader meets with Putin to secure political support as unrest continues – National | | Opinion

Protesters in Belarus have dismissed Lukashenko’s reelection for a sixth term in the Aug. 9 vote as rigged.

Note – Image added. Not a part of linked story.

Source: Belarus leader meets with Putin to secure political support as unrest continues – National |


Quite a revealing video in the above linked story. It seems to be an edited version of a longer one I watched yesterday.

Ever since I began university I became interested in the idea of social power. Especially, of power turned against itself in a given society.

Let me explain.

At about age 19 yrs I was walking down a busy street and saw a cop riding a motorbike. He was driving fast and pulling up to stop someone. The cop had this gleam in his eye as he took off his leather gauntlets, slapping them together at the palms. A real show of power. “I’m going to kick your ass and I have the power to do it” was the message.

To me, at that moment the cop looked more like something out of a wildly oppressive country and not my native Canada. Most cops here seem like decent, hard-working people who put their lives on the line to maintain law and order.

This is not an anti-cop post! It was just this one particular cop that I remember. And how he seemed to really be getting off on his social power.

Whenever we have an armed group of citizens controlling an unarmed group, I find that sad but also interesting. From a sociological point of view, I ask: What forces would turn one group of people in a given country against its own people?

Well, we all know the answer. Politics and cash.

I mean, if Putin himself were not heavily protected, how long do you think he would live?

Many of his people really hate him and think he’s a joke. But they are afraid to say so or do anything.

Putin must have a hand-picked array of bodyguards around him at all times.

That doesn’t speak to his power. It speaks to his weakness. A true ruler does not need vulgar force to keep the people in line. Sure, there are always madmen and women who might want to kill someone. Witness John Lennon, who only spoke of peace and love. But on the whole, true strength does not need guns.

And that’s why Putin is one of the world’s biggest losers.

A ‘strongman’ who really is a weak, insecure person compensating for unresolved complexes.

Let’s not let this loser hurt any more people and erode good countries through espionage and vulgar displays of force.

We must stand up.

All of us.

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