Depth Psychology goes beyond “medical materialism” as Carl Jung once put it. But it doesn’t entirely ignore it either. Image via Google | Dorothee Guldner

This is just a “stub” as they say at Wikipedia. The links elaborate on the central point made in this very short entry.

Basically, I am responding to people like Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung who IMO overdid it a bit in trying to make all religions look similar.

Not to say that these guys did not discern differences among religions. They did. But not always. Their work wasn’t fully integrated, in my view. Sometimes they imply that all religions are the same, other times that they are not.

Jung himself embraced contradiction. And if we are honest with ourselves, can we really say that we are fully integrated? Perfect? Have got it all figured out?

I don’t think any of us can make that kind of claim.

And I admire Jung and Campbell for trying to advance psychology and the humanities into something better than dry, discrete categories of study.

Jung and Campbell were for the most part holists. They tried to see the big picture.

In so doing they might have made some errors and simplifications. But they also inspired not a few seekers along the way.

Myself included.

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Kwan Yin | via Google | Attunements

Kwan Yin is a Buddhist female compassionate bodhisattva, often depicted with a child in her arms and erroneously equated by some with Isis and the Virgin Mary.

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