Canada, along with the United States and United Kingdom, has condemned the inauguration of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and is seeking to hold his government accountable by preparing sanctions on individuals allegedly involved in human rights violations.

Source: Canada denounces Lukashenko’s inauguration in Belarus, preparing sanctions over human rights violations | CBC News


The Trudeau government makes big public displays of condemnation of this Russian-backed politician, yet turns a blind eye to the rapidly increasing problem of Putin’s espionage-cum-organized crime and its infiltration into many sectors of white-collar Canada.

This PM is not stupid. He knows the score. He’s just spineless, two-faced and morally compromised.

No, sorry. Allow me to correct myself: Multifaced and morally compromised, like a wind vane that blows whichever way the wind blows.

Even if it’s a deadly, darkening hurricane destined to destroy the vibrant democracy which our Canadian ancestors worked so hard to actualize… Mr. Trudeau watches, wiggles, and does absolutely nothing of any great significance.