When a troll replies to one of my tweets my first inclination is to mute or block them. But Dr. Karin Tamerius, the founder of Smart Politics, blocks trolls as a last resort. In this Medium post, s…

Source: An ex-psychiatrist explains how to tame a troll | Boing Boing


This may work for many people but I find that trolls can be far more sneaky and duplicitous than individuals just posting at your site all the time or emailing you too much. You also have to follow your gut. If you sense something is wrong, chances are you are right even if the other person is all smiles and “God Blessy.”

If you feel something is wrong, do not question how you feel. A toxic person often gives off toxic vibes, even at a distance. And this is something most psychiatrists will probably never appreciate.

Psychiatry works for the majority of people because most do not think out of the box. It is an indicator of social convention. In fact, one could argue that psychiatrists are little more than mediators of the status quo.

You don’t have to look too far to see how psychiatry at one time made homosexuality a “disorder” and then bent to social pressure to make it “normal.”

Science? Or a bunch of guys and gals pushing the latest social ‘wisdom’?

Maybe a bit of both. And that’s fine, providing psychiatry itself continues to grow toward a more holistic appreciation of the diverse elements that make us fully human.