The late, great Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you didn’t watch the first US Presidential Debate you missed some fascinating historical moments. To be honest, neither candidate really blew me away. Trump seemed a bit toxic and “small.” Biden seemed overly scripted and at times quite out of it.

CNN anchors generally said the debate was a disgrace. One commentator came right out and said it was a “shit show.”

FOX News anchors on the other hand said it was “combative” like a good hockey or football match.

My takeaway from the debate reinforces what I have been saying for a long time. We are not robots but have emotions. So why repress them? Why pretend that we do not? And why are some so afraid of expressing emotion?

Politics surely involves a lot of sneaky, underhanded stuff from both sides. So why make-believe that is doesn’t? Why the mask of “civility” and “politeness” when society and human beings usually do not work that way?

I saw things get a bit heated up but nobody began swinging or even swearing. I thought the debate was totally okay.

Trump was singled out by CNN as the only one who didn’t “behave” but Biden interrupted Trump too. Biden also called Trump a “clown” and then, “Oh no no…” and took it back in his usual stumbling manner.

It’s sad when a given party is “relieved” that their top dog didn’t totally blow it. It’s like how social workers or physiotherapists are delighted when a person challenged in some area just manages to do what most can do easily and far better. No disrespect meant to so-called challenged persons. I deeply respect you and your bravery. We are all gifted and challenged in some area or areas. With regard to psychology, culture arguably determines what is “normal” and what is not. I am simply saying that, given the way things are today, a person barely competent in cognition is not fit to be president. And no coddling – Isn’t that great! He was more or less coherent for 90 minutes! – is going to change that.

In fact, we often find that with every passing year, cognitive decline gets worse fast. Perhaps this is what the Democrats want. Get him in there, oust Trump, and when his condition becomes too advanced to rule just call another election. This may sound cruel but I do not think it is beyond the grasping aspirations of some politicians.

And how totally impolite that ‘plan’ would be!

With all the recent talk about cultural progress I also noted that once again, we had two older ‘white’ guys at the podiums. Nothing wrong with that. I mean, if they happen to be the best picks right now, then they should be up there, I guess…

I put inverted commas around the term ‘white’ because nobody is purely white or black. If you don’t believe me go to a paint store and match your finger to a shade from a color chart. Nobody and I mean nobody will match pure white or black. These categories are more ideologies than realities when it comes to human skin color.

When humanity finally opens its eyes and makes judgments on the basis of individual character and behavior instead of skin color, we will really be making progress. Martin Luther King Jr. said this. He was shot dead.

This saddens but does not surprise me. As I said at the outset, there is much incivility in ‘civilized’ mankind.