After watching the Presidential Debates I really wanted to post some video clips side by side about different reactions across the main news networks — CNN and Fox, that is.

I wrote about it but didn’t have the know-how to achieve it visually. So I spent the last day or so trying out several different video editors and screen-recorders.

For now, I’m trying out Animotica with a few pics that were sitting around on my HD. The photo of me is quite recent but I’m definitely posing (are we ever not posing?). And since I’m a pretty private person I added the rolling TV filter for a touch of ambiguity.

The image was in response to a new online friendship where I was asked for a pic. Funny thing is, I captured this pic the very same night – actually just before – it was asked for.

With some smart and sensitive people, it’s like that. We get in sync and fun things happen. Other people – usually the phony, insincere ones – are usually just APITA. Some take so long to realize that you really do not want to have anything to do with them.

Umm… like stimulus… response. So if no response… bugger off!

Not too complicated, really.

The second pic was taken near Port Hope Ontario. It’s a real “bird on the wire” just like the famous Leonard Cohen song.

The last pic is an imaginative, devotional rendering of Saint Dymphna who for Catholics is the patron saint of mental health.

Anyhow, this is just a quick, trial run. I could have put text over the photos but it’s faster to just say it here.

I plan to do more political and other topics in the near future.

Coming Soon! A new series… Double Take!