Guitar great Eddie Van Halen has died after a long battle with cancer at the age of 65.

Source: Eddie Van Halen, Hall of Famer Who Revolutionized Guitar, Dead at 65 – Rolling Stone


Van Halen was never one of my favorite bands. But one cannot help but respect their impact on rock. And if anyone doesn’t know the tune “Jump,” well, it’s time to brush up on your rock and roll history!

When rock legends die it always makes me stop. Stop to think about how quickly time flies and how entire scenes – Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine – that once seemed so real, vital, and essential are now just pages of history or should I say, Wikipedia entries for the curious.

Not everyone likes rock. Some find it jangling. Others threatening. And still others see it as the “low end” of culture, preferring the likes of Rachmaninoff or Mozart.


Music is a very personal thing. If we like something, we like it. And nobody can question that.

The fact that Val Halen didn’t really speak to me is irrelevant. What matters is the contribution the band made to so many lives and to rock and roll itself.

Did David Bowie get this tune out of the blue?

I think you get my point.

Rock stars die but the driving force – Freedom! Screw the Hypocrites! – lives on.

Thank God. 🙂