When I see things like in today’s Double Take, I just shake my head in disbelief. How could such an inane discourse pass for “civilized debate” in the 21st century?

Either someone is just plain dumb or they are pandering to a general public that they believe are plain dumb. I’m not sure.

Kamala Harris speaks on this topic with such conviction, I think she must really be a firm believer in what I humorously call The Church of Science. Mike Pence said his administration would “listen to the science,” which is a bit softer. Listening to does not mean agreeing with or blind acceptance.

Instead of civilized debate, I would call this particular passage civilized drivel. Even the moderator is on board with The New Church. The deck is totally stacked, just like it was in medieval times with the Catholic Church.

Before you write me off as a quack, know that I studied the Sociology of Science at Trent University and have never really looked back. The professor in charge – a truly outstanding professor – impressed upon me how intimately connected many popular scientific truth claims are to influences such as:

  • research funding and grants
  • general outlook and exposure
  • trends
  • economics and the profit motive
  • social power and social powerlessness

Philosophers of science are also quick to point out that there is no monolithic consensus in science. Funnily enough, Rudy Giuliani said the very same thing just a few days ago on TV. When asked about his views on “the science” of either climate change or COVID (I can’t remember which it was) he replied, quite judiciously, that science always has “competing theories.” It was at that moment that I realized Giuliani was no dope.

For my non-English speaking visitors, I’ve included a textual transcript within the video. If you cannot understand some words by listening, just pause the video at the relevant transcript. From there you can go to Google Translate and enter them there. A bit laborious, I know, but still feasible.

Thanks for your time. This point may seem esoteric to some but I believe it is important for us to stop and think. If we don’t, we simply are not using all the brainpower God gave us. And that is not only a terrible waste but could also lead us down a very frightening path.