Tucker Carlson endorsing the intelligent study of UFOs? Seriously?

That’s right folks. Sometimes so-called open-minded liberals and some ‘green-niks’ can be the most narrow-minded folks of all. And the conservatives many suppose are closed off are actually more open-minded than their apparently ‘hip’ and ‘lib’ counterparts.

This is not always the case, of course. Sometimes it is the reverse. Conservatives can be rigid and Liberals fluid. But more often than not I find that liberal fluidity has its limits. They are ‘cool’ with anything that falls within the limits of their (often extremely conventional) intellectual horizons. If anything extends beyond that, they are just as priggish and provincial as any old stereotypical conservative ‘square.’

Concerning today’s Double Take, the UFO investigator whom Carlson highlights is no fringe player. The Frenchman Jacques Vallée has been writing sci-fi novels and serious investigative books about UFOs since the early 1960s. I remember seeing some of his publications at my local library when building up a bibliography for my Ph.D. SSHRC application—an award which I finally won, btw, on my second attempt.

Hard work usually pays off… unless you run into a modern-day Joe Stalin, that is.

But I digress.

Here’s a Wikipedia excerpt for Vallée:

Vallée (right) with J. Allen Hynek – By United States Government – United States Government, Public Domain

Jacques Fabrice Vallée (French: [vale]; born September 24, 1939) is a computer scientistventure capitalist, author, ufologist and astronomer currently residing in San FranciscoCalifornia and ParisFrance.

In mainstream science, he began his professional life as an astronomer at the Paris Observatory. Vallée co-developed the first computerized map of Mars for NASA in 1963. He later worked on the network information center for the ARPANET, a precursor to the modern Internet, as a staff engineer of SRI International‘s Augmentation Research Center under Douglas Engelbart.

Vallée is also an important figure in the study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), first noted for a defense of the scientific legitimacy of the extraterrestrial hypothesis and later for promoting the interdimensional hypothesis.