Scientists say this microevolutionary change in the anatomy of the human body is now present in 35 per cent of people. They predict that people born 80 years from now will all carry a median artery if the trend continues… Scientists say the median artery should be considered a “normal human structure” once it becomes prevalent in more than 50 per cent of adults.

Source: Discovery of extra arm artery in modern humans suggests evolution has not stopped: study | CTV News


RIght. So a lot more than 50% of the German people voted for Adolf Hitler during his meteoric rise to power. This makes what he did “normal,” right?

Philosophy 101 – Numbers alone do not count for truth.

As for the extra artery itself, it is probably evolving to supply oxygen to a biotech microchip in your wrist which will enable the PTB to monitor and control us even more. Who needs ideological claptrap when you can have a direct link to the nervous system!

I’m joking, of course.

Not about Hitler though… deep, dark lies will always destroy lives.