MUGEES UL KAISAR -The splendour of science and scientific achievements has cast its spell on modern civilisation, penetrating its way deep into the mind. The achievements of science cannot be belittled or negated but the glamour associated with it has gradually developed into Scientism, which is problematic. Captivated by the speedy and substantial progress of science, the modern mind assumes science…

Source: EVALUATING SCIENTISM: Is science the only way to truth? – Kashmir Reader



Check this out if interested. I find that Indian writers in India tend to phrase things in a beautiful, elegant way, somewhat reminiscent of classic UK but with a definite Indian twist. See if you agree, and more importantly, take in the many worthwhile points presented here.

When I see something as nuanced as this compared to the vulgar idiocy advocated by the likes of Kamala Harris, I just have to shake my head and wonder how long the USA can ‘lead the free world’ if absolute morons take the helm.

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