Twitter’s chief says the way it communicated its decision to restrict an article was “unacceptable”.

Source: Twitter and Facebook’s action over Joe Biden article reignites bias claims – BBC News


I didn’t link to the FOX News story about this because I thought having a third party report would be more credible. I mean, FOX News is a necessary counterpart to CNN but the two are hopelessly locked in a “family feud” that arguably colors both sides.

To me, it seems Anderson Cooper is brighter than he sometimes appears. Not sure about Wolf. And in the other corner, we have Tucker Carlson who gets positively flushed some nights he’s so pissed off.

My point is that the news has become so partisan in the US that going to a third party for this particular story seemed a good idea.

What is all the fuss about?

In a nutshell, the Biden story was blocked on the basis of it apparently being based on “hacked” material. But none of the social media giants blocked the story about Trump’s taxes, the information for that also coming from a hacked source.

It seems pretty clear that bias does exist with some of the tech giants.

It’s even worse in Canada. I have had totally innocuous comments blocked at the CBC web forum because they did not conform to the silliest of rules and regulations. I felt totally cold when blocked by the CBC. Also, a bit pissed off. This is not the Canada I grew up in. And the CBC is funded by our tax dollars, which you would think would give everyone a voice.

So I can understand how Carlson in particular gets a bit red in the face every now and then.

I’m telling you, USA… You do not want to fall into the same degree of political correctness that Canada seems to be floundering in.

At least you still have dissenting voices.

Here in Canada, we had a kind of radical guy called Ezra Levant. He was sort of like a Canadian Tucker Carlson—clever, a lawyer and did not hold back in expressing his opinions. After a while, his TV channel (Sun News Network) was moved to the far end of the dial, so only premium content viewers could watch his show. This killed the entire network as its viewership took a dramatic hit.

The result?

Sun News is no longer on TV, and Ezra Levant has been relegated to the far corners of the web.

This is how it works. If somebody doesn’t like what you say, they don’t give a reasoned counter-argument in Canada. They just unplug you.

It’s so flimsy and sad, even I am beginning to fear censorship now that my personal genie has come out of the bottle (I’m not playing it safe anymore because that’s a bore and not really me).

So there is a lot at stake here.

Americans! Take heed of what has happened north of the border. Again, you do not want this to happen to your country!

I still love Canada but it has become a diseased place. And I don’t know if anyone even cares anymore. It’s just totally unacceptable. With every passing day, an increasing number of barely competent transnational kreaminals are getting the icing and the cake. And the rest of us worry about scraping up enough batter to even bake a cake.