e y e s t r a i n


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I’ve noticed that it’s always the right side of my right eye that gets hit worst with the redness. And I’m almost always sitting on that angle, with my old, glary, square monitor angled off to my right.

I blog at the dining room table during the day on a weak computer and run up to my bedroom when I have to fix things fast or do graphics/music.

My bedroom computer isn’t that sh** hot but it’s better than the downstairs one.

Anyhow, I must keep this short. I WANT to blog but don’t want to injure my eye.

Just wanted to mention that I am trying out a Chrome app for eyestrain called “Screen Shader” along with a dark Chrome theme. My screen looks like a processed cheese slice but I could feel the relief almost instantly after installing this app.

Still, must keep it short.

Thanks for being there, friends. I appreciate all of you. Especially since I don’t get too many likes, so the few I do really mean more.

It’s sorta like the pandemic. Everything is scaled down so we appreciate the essentials. What we have, what we NEED, and hell… let’s let go of the rest.

That’s what I’m doing…

Now I am going to meditate and twiddle my thumbs.

Boring but better than losing my eyesight, I would think.