We all play a role in life. Oftentimes that role changes as we grow and develop. Sometimes we get fixated on a particular role and – in those cases – become a bore.

Psychologists call it “ego identification” or “ego-identity.” What parts or forces of the personality and our outer activities do we identify with?

Is a cop just a cop? A firefighter merely a firefighter? A crook only a crook?

Of course not.

So we’re all playing these roles, consciously or not. And how we view the world and how it views us largely depends on our chosen roles.

There! I just saved you about 1000 dollars and 8 months of tedium in a Psychology 101 class.

Believe in psychology or else!

But seriously, this afternoon after engaging in some lively comments at another blog, I started thinking:

Can we ever not play a role or identify with someone or something?

I mean, I could say I see through my own roles and do not identify with them. But isn’t that just playing the role of “wise guy who sees through it all?”

Am I really seeing through myself entirely?

Doubt it.

So perhaps I’ve just stumbled on a master truth. Or as philosophers call it, a meta-truth (another 1000 dollars saved!).

We cannot entirely avoid role-playing.

Who knows.

Do you?