Home Sec wants to give UK’s ‘FBI’ new powers to tackle Russian & Chinese spies

PRITI Patel wants to bring in new powers to tackle Russian and Chinese spies running amok in London. The Home Secretary wishes to move responsibility for counter-espionage from the Met to the Natio…

The Home Secretary, Priti Patel

Source: Home Sec wants to give UK’s ‘FBI’ new powers to tackle Russian & Chinese spies

Conspiracy Theory

Once again another story about the serious threat to democracy and freedoms that hostiles pose to either the UK or Australia.

So Canada is immune?

Again, I ask: Why is Canada in denial about the seriousness of the problem?

Either we are so far gone that nobody dares say anything, like an occupied country. Or we are naive as lambs lining up for slaughter.

Third option is that we do know but are trying to weed out the bad apples in secret, figuring a low profile maximizes odds of success.

This last possibility may hold some water. The guy whom I mentioned in my previous post about this, Richard Fadden (former director of our national spy agency – CSIS), is now at The University of Ottawa! See https://socialsciences.uottawa.ca/public-international-affairs/people/fadden-richard

Fadden was quoted as saying “What we’re seeing in Australia and New Zealand, I’ve seen no suggestion that [China is] not trying to do the same thing in every other country in the west, Canada included. Their intelligence organizations are fairly active here,” Fadden said. “I refuse to believe they’re not trying to the same thing in France, the U.K. and Germany. It’s just how they try to exert their influence. I’ve seen nothing to suggest we’re insulated from what we’re seeing in Australia and New Zealand.” See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Fadden

A clever, proactive assignment or just another conspiracy theory?

One thing is for sure… Time will tell.

Clink clink.

Is that the sound of prison doors..?

or just the clock ticking?

The news … that a senior member of the RCMP was arrested on charges of spying should be a wake-up call for Canadians. Source: TOWHEY: Who will protect Canada from foreign spies? | Toronto Sun | Pinterest

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