Pretty heavy title but like a lot of the New Testament, there is much truth to it.

You see, spiritual transformation doesn’t always come easy.

You can’t break an egg and put it back in its shell.

Simple as that.

Oh, you can try to scoop up the goop and patch the broken shell. But you will never succeed.

Life is about moving forward. Not trying to go back to something you never really were.

And as you take those first, perplexing steps into the light the world will begin to not only misunderstand but oftentimes blame you for its discomfort. It’s an age-old mechanism that was around way before psychology existed.

What is that mechanism called?

In a word, scapegoating.

Q – Who tends to scapegoat individuals?

A – Darkened, unintegrated minds living out of fear, ignorance, and unresolved issues.

The ancient Greeks did it. The Romans too. Medieval Europe was no stranger to scapegoating. And nasty, confused people still do it today.

So whenever I feel not only misunderstood but actively dissed, I just remember that God understands.