Last night during my “internet strike” (which wasn’t really a strike but whatever…) I was searching for some interesting international radio. Especially radio stations that had m3u files which you can load into your music player and hear the stream without having to open a browser or web page.

After searching and looking at several sites, I came across this one < > which seemed okay… not spammy like some. I don’t think it listed m3u but it did have a nice search and Spotify/YouTube links.

So following up on my previous post about a 70s Swedish album that I own, I thought it would be interesting to hear what Swedish radio sounds like today, right now.

Of course, there are many different Swedish stations and each has its own niche… as in any country with an advanced and diverse cultural scene.

But I hit on a sort of oldies, mellow station that was playing this tune:

I think it’s really quite nice and reminds me of another act from roughly the same era but this time from Quebec (mostly French-speaking Canadian province).

Funny thing is, this morning I have jumped from the past into the future and am listening to AH.FM which is totally tripped out!

As I say, they’ll never pin me down… 🙂