My last post involved going back to a site called “the dot matrix” that I began years ago, mostly reserved for visuals and animations. It never really took off but I like it.

For you millennials out there, when computers first became a thing just about every home printer was a “dot matrix” printer. They were cheap and pretty fast. Didn’t look great but they worked.

Today’s animation is about boundaries. The boundaries are in blue and the space between the letters is glowing.

You figure it out!

Truth be told, I did this animation to help cope with a sort of rebound, love-obsession with a very popular Pinterest user quite a few years back.

Thank God I always find my way out of one-way love infatuations. This animation helped but it was actually a nighttime dream that really tipped it off and helped me close the gate on that one.

I wish everyone could get over one-way infatuations… because I know it’s no fun when you really do not like someone “that way” and yet they are entirely stuck on you.

Sometimes it’s worse than no fun and you can find yourself being hounded by a kind of neurotic bully. Other times the infatuation mellows into a really nice friendship.

That’s pretty rare but wonderful when it happens. 🙂